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Nihon Dental Center

Nippon Dental Center merged with Asia Healthcare Dental Centre in February 2011 under the name "Nippon Dental Care". Since the establishment of "Japan Dental Care" in May 2000, we have been talking with patients as a family doctor for Japanese people living in Singapore and providing treatment starting with the areas of concern for the patient. This spirit still remains at the root of Nippon Dental Center's treatment concept, and we strive to provide dental care that will lead to "smiles for tomorrow's patients'' by providing patients with treatment they are satisfied with.

​As those who live in Singapore and those who have lived abroad understand, each country has its own unique way of thinking, from lifestyle to education to medical care, which shapes the culture of each country. Therefore, dental care is also a part of our culture, we believe by ensuring Japanese patients are satisfied with the treatment they receive and that oral care is an important factor for Japanese living in Singapore.

At Nippon Dental Center, our Japanese dentists will talk to our patients first, then propose and provide a variety of treatment methods to ensure that our Japanese patients are satisfied with the service we provided.


Asia Healthcare Dental Center
Japanese Affiliate General Responsibility:
Itsuma Akiyama

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